Welcome to WHRDO Hall of Fame!

WHRDO considers that many martial artists have achieved more than mere experience within their practice. They’ve truly found “the path”, the Moo Do way. Therefore, whole meaningful values such as wisdom, generosity, virtue and humanity overall have been foundations in their lives dedicated to martial arts. They stand out, they’re one of a kind in what they do, and you’ll would like to honor this WHRDO member by proposing him/her to be part of the WHRDO Hall of Fame. There are 6 categories among you can apply by suggesting an outstanding candidate.

They are:

  • Master of the Year
  • Grandmaster of the Year
  • Black Belt of the Year
  • Martial Artist of the Year
  • Martial Art School of the Year
WHRDO Top Award of the Year (elected only by WHRDO Committee among above awarded people of the current year)

Nomination procedure will by December 10th. Until that time, you can write to us to info@officialwhrdo.com recommending candidates. It’ll be only accepted one person per category. Please, send 150 words giving details and specifying the reasons why you consider that person should be elected for the WHRDO Hall of Fame. The recognition consists of a legitimate certification issued by WHRDO and uploading his/her name, title, rank, school, martial art on the WHRDO’s web.

We look forward to receiving your candidates!