Benefits of the WHRDO for you and your organization

For any martial art (including HwaRangDo)    

International grade recognition                                    
International school recognition
Authorization for the use of the WHRDO name
Authorization for organizing events on behalf of WHRDO
Presence of the President and Leading Master of WHRDO on seminars
Reference on members list
Chances for being elected as franchisee on your own country
Marketing plan for broadcasting your activity
Quality certificates
Membership letter

Only for HwaRangDo individuals or schools (Applicants need to prove and send genuine documentation, digital copies of last HwaRangDo title and/or graduation and a digital resume

  • Network with martial artists around the world
    Recognition of Rank
    Recognition of Title
    Rank Certification
    Title Certification
    International registration of Membership, Title and Rank Recognition
    Membership from an International Organization

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